HAV - An Exhibition on Blue Fashion Challenge

HAV - An Exhibition on Blue Fashion Challenge

14 Mar 17:00 - 18 Mar 17:00 - Reykjavík


At the DesignMarch you wil have the chance to explore how Nordic fashion designers can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. The exhibition HAV features designs from 10 Nordic designers who competed in the Blue Fashion Challenge in the Faroe Islands in August 2017. They were encouraged to create designs from marine biomaterials, these materials were fishskin, sealskin and a jersey material made partly from seaweed..
There is an unexploited potential below sea level in the North Atlantic region and the fashion and textile industry may have underestimated the value of bi-products from the fish industry and marine products such as algae, sealskin and fishskin.
The exhibition HAV also features photos from the Blue Fashion Challenge. Photos are shot by the world-famous photographer Tommy Ton, who is especially known for his street style coverage of the biggest international fashion weeks.

The exhibition will be shown at Kjarvalsstaðir Art museum in Reykjavík from the 15th March to the 18th March.

The HAV Exhibition has been exhibited in Copenhagen as part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week, in Klaksvík in the Faroes, and is now on display in Reykjavík, and will soon be shown in Sweden as well as in Rome.

The Exhibition is arranged by NORA – Nordic Atlantic Cooperation on behalf of the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries and the Nordic Councils of Ministers.

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